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Welcoming all our customers to a prosperous and fragrant 2019.

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Is perfumery safe?

Yes, and just like many other activities you'll need to take some basic precautions such as a safe, well ventilated working area and protective gloves and eyewear. All the ingriedients and formulas we supply are approved for fragrance use by IFRA. We supply -where necessary - ingredients that are pre-diluted and ready for use. You should always take extra care if you have a history of allergies or are pregnant.

How do I use the colour coding?

Please refer to our guide hereDo you ship internationally?

Yes we do. Some ingredients may have restrictions depending on which country we are shipping to. Upon recieving your order we will will advise accordingly. Otherwise don't hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

How long have you been in the fragrance business?

We have over 30 years of experience in the fragrance manufacture and ingredients industry. We have supplied wholesale quantities larger manufacturers and retailers around the world. We have now decided to bring a retail offer, along with our experience and knowledge, to smaller businesses and creative perfumers.

Where can I find out more about perfumery?


There are many places online to find out more. Here are a few of our favourites:

- Perfume Making Yahoo Group - excellent group with extensive resources  

- Natural Perfumery Yahoo - another excellent group with extensive resources-

- Basenotes - one of the internet's largest database of fragrances

- Osmoz - Fragrance Foundation educational site

- Andy Tauer's blog - leading independent perfumer

- 1000 Fragrances - blog from fragrance historian and writer Octavian Coifan

- The Good Scents Company - comprehesive fragrance ingredients information

I need an ingredient not in your inventory?

No problem let us know what you are after and we'll see what we can do. Please note that in some instances minimum order quantities will apply.

What quantities can you supply?

We generally supply 5-50g quantities but we also offer very competitive bulk rates through our partners.


Do you supply specs and MSDS?


Yes we do, will will start making these available on the site. We can supply all products with an Material Safety Data Sheet(MSDS). Product specifications can also be supplied but the level of detail will vary depending on the supplier/manufacturer.


Natural or synthetic?

In modern perfumery both synthetic and natural ingredients are used. Synthetics have been used in perfumery since the mid Ninteenth century and fragrances such as Chanel No.5 would not have existed without them as its defining character is build using aldehydes. Naturals on the other hand have a richness and complexity that is very hard to reproduce.

There are also some synthetic ingredients that are impossible to reproduce using naturals.By skillfully combining natural and synthetic ingredients powerful and long lasting fragrances can be produced that have uniqueness and depth.

Why do you use clear glass bottles?

Many labs in the fragrance industry use clear glass, there are several reasons for this:


  • Users can become familiar with the physical properties of each ingredient such as colour and viscocity, as well as access the overall quality of, and differences between, each batch.


  • Any changes over time become apparent such as oxidisaton, solidification, separation, and polymerisaion.


The main risk to most ingredients is heat so all ingredients should be stored in a temperature controlled environment (preferably below 15C or lower for citruses). Citruses are particularly sensitive to heat and sunlight. As a precaution all ingredients should be stored in a cool place out of direct sunlight.