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Courses and education

Courses and education

Here are a list of organisations and people who offer training and education for people interested in perfumery. Please let us know if you would like to be added to this list:

United Kingdom

Karen Gilbert (London):

Karen is a perfumer and writer who runs a range of workshops - from a 1 day beginners introduction to a 5 day masterclass. She has an extensive background in artisan perfumery and natural beauty products.

Perfume Lovers (London):

Perfume Lovers London is a monthly event organised by Lila Das Gupta from Basenotes. This monthy event brings together 'anyone who loves perfume' this includes perfumistas, perfumers and writers. Each month has a specific theme, so if you love perfume and want to know more, or meet some of the people in the industry this is the place.

Cotswold Perfumery (Gloucestershire):

The Cotswold Perfumery offers two creative Perfumery Courses - Level One, where you can make your first fragrance and Level Two where more advanced techniques are covered if you want to go further. They are based in Gloucestershire.

Orchadia (Northamptonshire):

Orchadia offers a variety of levels of fragrance training, tailored to individual or business needs. Their fragrance training can be used as an introduction to the fragrance industry, or to broaden and build on existing knowledge.


International Centre for Aroma Trades Studies (ICATS):

ICATS exists to provide flexible quality learning to professional and aspiring professionals in the Aroma Trades, Perfumery and Flavour industries, it provides distance learning on a global basis leading to the IFEAT (International Federation of Essential Oils and Aroma Trades) Diploma. ICATS also provides occasional workshops exclusively focused on the Aroma Trades, Perfumery and Flavour industries.


Magnetic Scent (Amsterdam):

Magnetic Scent is an independent perfume house based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. They also offer 1 day courses in their workshop.



Ayala Moriel (Vancouver):

Ayala Moriel currently offers a Foundation of Natural Perfumery Course.This is a 2-year program, broken down into 4 terms of 5 sessions each.The program is followed by a 1 year internship program at Ayala Moriel Parfums Studio, offered to qualified students only, who completed the program's requirements and were found suitable for the internship program.