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Welcoming all our customers to a prosperous and fragrant 2019.

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Our mission

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No more secrets

Our mission is to help inform, enlighten, and inspire a whole new generation of perfumistas, artists and ordinary consumers. We want everybody to understand quality and seek it out where ever they find it. Whether that be in a fine fragrance, candle or even soap powder.


We believe that our passion for perfumery is something that should be shared. We are actively engaged in supplying the fragrance industry and still passionate about what we do.


New creativity


We think in the long term this can only do our industry good, bringing fresh energy, ideas and creativity that will hopefully push the mainstream fragrance community to take a few more risks and elevate the industry as a whole.


We also believe that as more people become exposed to the processes and techniques of fragrance construction they will learn to appreciate and respect the high degree of skill and artistry that already exists in the industry.


Time to educate


There are often some of misconceptions about synthetic ingredients. Issues around health and the environment are very real problems, but it is important for consumers to know that this is an issue for both natural and synthetic ingredients. Knowing that alpha ionone and phenyl ethyl alcohol are as amazing and fascinating ingredients as rose and jasmine is a real eyeopener for many.


We invite you to begin your journey here, and help you explore the many possible paths you could take and discoveries you can make along the way. Welcome.