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What does the internet smell like?

Posted On: 2012-09-24 13:24:15 ; Read: 10704 time(s)

What does the internet smell like? I first became involved with the internet in 1995. Then everything was new and the possibilities were endless. Since then we have all learnt a lot and many industries have been completely transformed as a result. For several years the fragrance industry was relatively impervious (or possibly oblivious) to the changes taking place all around it. Even now the industry seems to be catching up, a bit like where the fashion business was 7-8 years ago. Nature abhors a vacuum, so, in the absence of an engaged active fragrance industry, a large number of smaller players have taken their place.I think we have 3 main groups:1) Perfumistas and enthusiasts.2) Hobbyists and creatives.3) Small independents.As you all know we at Olfactick are really excited by the changes that are taking place and are actively encouraging new energy so here are a few reflections from us:Keep thinking small As a consumer this means you will always seek out smaller brands, more unusual ingredients and have an identity that is more personal to you. As a small business you can spend time with your customers, and create products that mainstream brands can't afford (in terms of ingredients and packaging etc.) or are just too risky. Smaller brands can think big by working together, creating guilds, associations, and working with the blogs and other kinds of online forums.Know your ingredients Okay, so we would say that wouldn't we. But this is important for all three categories. The perfumista can start to identify the ingredients in a fragrance they like and actively seek them out. For me Methyl dihydrojasmonate (Hedione) has always been a fave, it is is in many formulations but I love it when it sticks out. For the creative or small brand this may involve working with ingredients that are more expensive, unusual or just difficult to work with.Tell your story Most people who become involved with fragrance usually have interesting stories to tell, or something to say. Make sure you share this, this is a fantastic opportunity to evoke all sorts of reactions from people at all levels. You can tell this story just by what fragrance you wear, or you might do what Andy Tauer does so well and bring in other aspects of your creativity such as painting, cooking and gardening.Refine your craft Take your time, make sure what you put out there is the best you can do. If you are not sure ask the community as there is always someone to help. Try Yahoo Perfume Making Group or the Basenotes DIY Forum there you will find many people to help such as the knowledgeable Chris Bartlett who is incredibly generous with his time. Use the best ingredients you can and packaging that showcases your creativity.Take a few risks Being small and agile means you can take a few risks. If you can inspire 100 people with your idea you can turn a profit but you won't do this with a 'me too' product. Maybe crowdsource for an idea a create a fragrance just for that group by working with the blogs.These are just a few things smaller players can do to fill in the gaps created by the mainstream industry. But there are many other ways to look at this. The internet changed the music industry forever and fragrance is set to go the same way. At Olfactik we are excited to be part of it.Russell

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