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Why did we setup Olfactik?

Posted On: 2012-07-11 12:28:10 ; Read: 11274 time(s)

Firstly, welcome if it is your first time here. Our business has been 2 years in the making but finally we are here. These are exciting times for the fragrance industry so I thought it would be a good opportunity to talk about a few of the reasons we have set up Olfactick. 


The fragrance industry has changed so much over the last 10 years or so. First came the rise of the celebrity fragrances, some are excellent, many others unfortunately are rather too forgetable. This seems to have spurred a whole new generation of creative, independent perfumers - and more daring consumers - into either creating, or seeking out,  more individual scents. The internet has massively accelerated this process, bringing together people and knowledge in a way hitherto unheard of. As a result a new movement has been born, a kind of perfume counter-culture. Olfactik's mission is to help and support this growing band of independents.


There are a few standout names already. Top of my list is probably Andy Tauer of Tauer Perfumes. He is a brilliant and creative perfumer hailing from the Swiss mountains. He has proved that an 'indie' really can make a difference and challenge what the mainstream has to offer. He has had fantastic success but still very close to his art, even right down to packing and shipping orders. Companies sucha s Lucky Scent have also been instrumental in bringing niche perfume to a wider audience.


All this is not to say that many of the big houses such as Chanel, Hermes, and Guerlain do not produce sheer genius, they do, and lead the way. But there are now a host of smaller creatives who are beginning to provide an antidote to the waves of 'me too' fragrances that now swamp the shelves. We have tried to create an offer here that makes it simple for anybody who wants to know more about fragrances, what goes into them, and engage with the creative process if they wish.


Olfactik has a lot we want to share and over the coming months we will release ingredients, accords and bases that are both useful to the creative perfumer and can provide an educational insight for those who just want to know a bit more. I could go on for much longer but we will be around for a while and we will be sharing our views on all things fragrance. In the meantime we are glad to be part of this growing community.


Thank you for visiting. Russell Newell

Garreth Falls | 2012-09-18 12:29:33

I wish you well in this journey! We are on the slow journey of starting up ourselves but we LOVE the idea of moving into perfume! Thanks so much for touching base with us. Garreth
Markus | 2012-09-18 01:25:05

Wow, I'm so excited I found this Website just now and I'm so happy that you give so many people the opportunity to go deeper into fine perfumery! I myself wanted to be perfumer since i was a little boy. I experiment for many years with essential Oils, and Parfumoils but i always wanted more. I know theres another Webiste in the US where you can buy small amounts of finefrgagrancechemicals, but as a Student I never had enough Money to buy a number of Ingredients i could work with. I hope this Site will change this. So I can go a step further to real Finefragrances. Thanks Russell for this great possibility! ;)
Maggie | 2012-09-14 14:47:43

Hurray! I hadn't heard of you before but was directed here by Adam of Hermitage Oils, as I was looking for a Fir absolute. I will have to save up now! It's so good to have a dedicated UK supplier of all things perfume - I am just starting out and am passionate about natural and niche perfumes, and learning how to make them. Thanks!
Wayne | 2012-07-17 13:14:56

Thank you Russell for this excellent site. Its very difficult finding a supplier of small quantities of aromachemicals online. I've been using a certain well-known site in the US but yours is so modern, slick and easy to use by comparison. And your international postage is very reasonable. I shall be placing my first order soon, once I've decided what I want, and look forward to coming back regularly!
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